Partnership with Parents

At Jigsaw we recognise that parents / carers are their child's first and most important teacher and that they know more about their child then anyone else.

When your child starts at Jigsaw they will have a named Key Carer who will be the person responsible for supporting your child and their family. 

The Key Carer will be working with you to learn about your child and share with you their progress at the Pre-School. They also maintain and update records of development of your child (their learning journey). These records are openly available to parents at any time and we hope that you will contribute to them.

If you would like to know more about the Key Carer scheme, please speak to the Jigsaw Manager.


Jigsaw Parent Representatives

The role of the parent representatives at Jigsaw Pre-School is voluntary and has been established to aid communication between parents / carers and Jigsaw staff. The representatives aim to ensure that the views of all the parents / carers of children who attend Jigsaw are heard.

Often coming to Jigsaw is the first experience that the child and parent have of a more formal childcare setting. It can be an unfamiliar time in which there are a lot of new faces and routines. One of the roles of the parent representative is to organise opportunities for the parents / carers to meet socially, such as coffee mornings and nights out.

We also invite parents to include their contact details on a contact list which is then given to every family within Jigsaw. Parents / carers are able to use these details to contact the representatives and to receive information regarding Jigsaw activities.

Parent representatives are also involved with Sports Day and the Christmas Nativity Play. The representatives are also responsible for collecting contributions towards the children's morning refreshments. These are paid at the beginning of term. For further information, please speak to your representative.

The parent representatives at Jigsaw aim to offer all new families a warm welcome and to make the transition to Pre-School as smooth as possible. The parent reps are available at any time on the contact details listed, and during drop-off and pick-up times.

We welcome your comments and suggestions and would love to see you at our coffee mornings.

Any parent can volunteer to put themselves forward as a parent representative, and parents with experience of the structure of Jigsaw can offer valuable advice and knowledge.

Jigsaw excels at creating a calm and purposeful environment in which children can play, learn and prepare themselves for primary school.

- David, parent
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